Applus+ has developed numerous inspection strategies in line with the recommended practices set out in API’s guidelines on pressure vessels, piping and above-ground storage-tank inspections. Through systematically developed approaches to the inspection of client assets, Applus+ can help mitigate risk while prolonging system life, helping to create a safe working environment and providing integrity insight into the operations conducted.

Applus+ has developed a systematic approach for delivering the information required by clients in a conditioned format: identifying results, potential causes for concerns and supporting data to help aid clients in decision making.
Applus+, having developed its proprietary IDMS (Information Data Management Software) system, can assist clients in their overall management of multiple assets within a single system, providing a secure portal for historic and current system analytics.
Through proper deployment of an effective API programme, clients are afforded the information they require concerning asset stability and expected life, thus ensuring federal, state and other jurisdictional mandates have been met and/or exceeded.
Our geographical proximity to most areas of industry means that we can provide many clients access to trained, competent, industry-leading personnel in short order.
While the practices and methodologies outlined by API provide guidance for system reviews, Applus+ utilises both in-house and industry-leading technologies to ensure the quality of all work undertaken, delivering a consistent, industry-leading product.
The primary industries serviced using the applicable API standards include, yet are not limited to:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • On and offshore.
Methodologies developed for the purposes of asset integrity may be used across multiple outlying sectors when determining suitability for continued service activities.
By correctly following API guidelines, clients will ensure that they meet all federal, state and jurisdictional requirements.
Through effective data capture and analysis, clients may better understand the inner workings of assigned assets while having the equipment-specific base data to ensure suitability for continued service.
Through recourse to Applus+ and its integrated systems, end clients will realise quicker report-turnaround times and in-depth asset analysis, leading to an overall reduction in asset downtime as well as improvements in safety and profitability.