We provide expert consultation on materials, welding and joining to our diverse client base. We have Materials, Mechanical and Structural Engineers on staff with experience in the design, construction, refit and repair of welded structures and mechanical components, structural connection design, failure analysis, quality planning and development of technical work instructions.

We have a large team of welding Engineers with a diverse range of backgrounds.  We are known for developing practical solutions to welding problems with 60+ years combined experience with welding & joining.

We have in-house materials testing facilities & a welding lab.   This allows us to optimize welding procedures for any application.  We work collaboratively with our inspection & NDT teams to quickly identify issues and propose solutions.

We have considerable expertise in the joining of difficult materials including small and large bore pipe, HSLA carbon steels, non-ferrous alloys, low and high temperature materials, high carbon steels and quench and tempered materials for both mechanical and structural applications.    We work across all industries including oil & gas, marine, mining, energy generation & structural steel fabrication.
Typical projects we work on include: Penstocks, Tunnels, Bridges, Pedestrian walkways, Marine structures, Marine vessels, Pressure vessels, Pressure piping, API storage tanks, Process equipment, Free standing structures and Towers.
We offer welding consultation based on over 60 combined years of practical welding experience.  We have the knowledge and understanding to quickly get to the root of your welding problems.  We supply practical solutions based on real world experience to ensure your welding operations are running at maximum efficiency.  We specialize in the development of detailed technical work instructions to supplement welding procedures for critical joints.
We offer welding engineering as part of a suite of integrated services including drafting & design, materials testing, third party verification & inspection & NDT.