Applus+ RVIS, provides remote visual inspections and non-destructive testing as a safe, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to conventional inspection methods, in all types of industries. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we do a visual inspection by using automation to make operations faster, safer, and more cost-effective. Our tailored remote inspections solutions increase the effectiveness of your integrity program while minimizing risk to health & safety and maximizing resource utilization. We are inventors of the CU24, an award-winning inspection tool. A telescopic crane mounted with an HD camera, it is currently the quickest and safest tool for pipe racks inspection. Our highly skilled technical team uses the latest technology in drones and drone cameras and adapts inspection robots to our clients’ visual inspection needs.

Applus+ RVIS combines smart and fast remote solutions with extensive Applus+ visual inspection expertise. It enables comprehensive thermal and visual inspections for quality assurance and asset integrity management with the smartest and safest tools developed and tested in our laboratories.
Our highly qualified teams first assess customer needs and tailor inspection programs according to structures of their assets. They identify where remote tools can be deployed along with other main Applus+ inspection services for optimal inspection results. Clients get comprehensive data reports with geo tagged visual data that can be stored on clients’ ERP. Repeated inspections allow better insights into material damage and degeneration patterns and enable preventive measures to manage assets’ integrity.
With Applus+ global presence, we offer our customers faster response times, reduced costs, and the convenience of a base close to their location.

Thermal and visual inspections conducted with ROAV’s are currently brought in practice for on –and offshore;
  • Flare tips inspections
  • Chimney inspections
  • Structural inspections
  • Overhead power lines poles 
  • Dams and bridges 
  • FPSO’s
  • Wind turbine
Thermal and visual inspections conducted with remote camera heads operated on cables or cranes, currently brought in practice for;
  • Pipe racks and supporting structures 
  • Tanks
  • Other hard to reach assets
Capturing high quality thermal and visual data conducted with collision tolerant flying robots for:
  • Inaccessible and confined places
  • Boilers
  • Geyzers
  • Storage tanks
  • FPSO’s
Turn key data solutions available for;
  • Repeat inspections and geo tagged visual data storage enables degeneration material insights and patterns
  • Connectivity in client current ERP
  • Visual recognition of material damage
Many industrial assets are too dangerous, time consuming or hard to reach for manned inspections. Applus+ RVIS services its clients with remote inspection tools using gyrostabilized optical equipment on flying robots and telescopic cranes to eliminate safety risks and cut the inspection time.
Our remote visual inspection tools can be used as a safer and more cost effective alternative to conventional visual inspections and as the sole safe solution to inspect hard to reach structures and confined spaces.  It can be deployed for:
  • Oil and Gas: inspection of Pipe racks, Flare stacks, flare tips, chimneys, phase separators, boilers.
  • Construction: quality assurance of post-construction projects.
  • Chemical Industry: inspection of gas cylinders, pipes and storage tanks.
  • Nuclear industry: inspection of heat exchanger cooling channels and cooling fins, inspection of tools and equipment for handling radioactive material.
  • Renewables: inspection of wind turbines and solar plates.
  • Utilities: inspection power towers and power lines.
  • Infrastructure: inspection of dams, viaducts, railways, bridges.
  • Full scope consultative approach with target based solutions gives a clear insight of our results and deliverables.
  • In house technical development / purpose modification possibilities, offers enhanced flexibility and perspective to our clients.
  • Safer and cost-effective alternative to conventional visual inspection.
  • Comprehensive inspection visuals and reports.
  • Data Integration in clients systems.
  • Faster results.
  • No plant downtime .
  • Solutions tailored to asset structures.

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