Rig inspections, also known as rig audits, are conducted on drilling assets for both drilling contractors and drilling operators to assess the condition of an asset. Rig inspections are conducted to industry standards, such as API, as well as to specific client requirements. Rig commissioning involves ensuring that rig machinery and equipment are functioning properly and in accordance with the client’s requirements.


Applus+ K2’s highly experienced and multi-skilled personnel provide high-quality services in rig inspections and rig commissioning to the oil and gas industry. Our efficient approach enables us to reduce the number of personnel required to complete a rig inspection programme, resulting in real cost-savings. Prior to each project, tailored work-scopes are prepared to the client’s requirements and the type of asset being inspected (land rig, jack-up, semi-sub, drillship, etc.). This focus on work-scope helps to reduce the amount of time required onsite.

Applus+ K2’s clients can be confident that all our services for rig inspections and rig commissioning are undertaken professionally and in accordance with the relevant standards because all inspection personnel have prior supervisory-level experience on drilling assets, as well as mechanical and electrical backgrounds. The high level of experience and expertise of our teams enables them to rapidly and accurately identify  non-conforming issues and propose the suitable corrective action.

Reports for rig inspection, rig audit and rig commissioning are available for viewing at any time during the project via our dedicated online reporting portal. The detailed reports include categorised observations and recommendations (critical, major and minor) to help clients prioritise the required corrective measures. The rig inspection reports also detail the rig’s operational status or readiness, depending on the nature of the inspection.


Rig inspection and rig commissioning are critical to the oil and gas industry.

Rig inspections can be carried out both before the hiring of a drilling asset and during the contract. A pre-hire rig inspection/audit assess the condition and suitability of the asset for a drilling contract. During the contract, rig inspections assess both the asset’s operational condition and its compliance with the terms of the contract. Rig inspections can be conducted by either the owner or operator of a drilling asset.

Services for rig commissioning are conducted prior to the equipment entering service. This can be at the end of construction or during major overhauls and five-yearly inspections.


First and foremost, by engaging Applus+ K2’s services for rig inspection, rig audit and rig commissioning, clients limit the risks to health, safety and the environment in their operations. Other benefits of rig inspections include:

  • Early detection of problems with equipment or systems or discrepancies in meeting the required specifications, preventing project delays and avoiding start-up problems
  • Identification of the risk of an explosion on equipment that is unsafe for the area where installed
  • Identification of equipment due for major overhaul/recertification or for expired certification
  • Identification and rectification of all potential problems prior to the installation leaving the shipyard
  • Avoidance of costly warranty claims for asset owners when expensive corrective action is required at an offshore location
  • Avoidance of costly downtime as a result of equipment failure

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