Compliance regulations are derived from lessons learned from past experience and aim to provide industries with infrastructure knowledge, enhanced efficiencies and increased safety awareness. Numerous code bodies exist to help ensure an adequate focus on equipment and process types while supporting world-class production. The API (American Petroleum Institute), AWS (American Welding Society), STI (Steel Tank Institute) and NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) provide but a few of the recommended practices adopted throughout the world’s energy sectors.

Applus+ has developed tried-and-tested methodologies to support its clients in achieving compliance with a wide range of standards and codes all around the world. Either using internal customer data-management systems or through our own IDMS solutions, Applus+ has amassed a vast bank of knowledge and experience in various industries to ensure client success. Our wide geographical base also provides our clients with access to competent, highly trained inspectors within reasonable mobilisation times, helping to take the stress out of code compliance.  
Code-compliance inspections are a compulsory requirement in the vast majority of industries.  
Some of the advantages of partnering with Applus+ to ensure code compliance are its:
  • Extensive code and industry knowledge
  • Specialist internal data-management systems
  • Highly trained, certified personnel across multiple authorities
  • Methodical inspection methods and practices
  • Customer-training services
  • Same-day availability near most areas of established industry

Applus+ has developed numerous inspection strategies in line with the recommended practices set out in API’s guidelines on pressure vessels, piping and above-ground storage-tank inspections. Through systematically developed approaches to the inspection of client assets, Applus+ can help mitigate risk while prolonging system life, helping to create a safe working environment and providing integrity insight into the operations conducted.