Applus+ provides integrity assessments of pressure equipment to support owner users meet integrity management and regulatory compliance.


Inspections performed on assets incorporate: assessment or pre-assessment of installation inspection; on-stream Inspection; thorough inspection; and PSV interval assessment, among others.


Upon completion of assessments, Applus+ team of experts delivers summary of findings, deficiencies, corrective actions, assessment rational, and recommended interval, in accordance with the owner users’ integrity management program and regulatory requirements.



Pressure equipment plays an integral role in the function of any industry facility. If pressure equipment failure occurs, the result can be consequential. To avoid this circumstance, Applus+ provides clients with pressure equipment integrity assessments and pre-assessments for pressure vessels, pressure relief devices, and related materials.


There are two major forms of pressure equipment integrity assessment programs available for clients through Applus+:

  • Owners Program – The owner would have to verify our inspector as competent. Verified competent inspector could officially assign intervals. Could be an “official” interval on the cover page.
  • Applus+ Program – The inspector would perform assessment as per the owner’s requirements, however an Applus+ inspector could not officially assign the interval. Would only be a “recommended” interval on the cover page.


Owners integrity representative would receive and validate assessment then update inspection management system and ESR with the interval. If client agrees, Applus+ representative can upload completed assessments directly to client’s management software and update intervals. Clients level of Applus+ access can be as little or as much as the client would like.


Completed assessments are shared via upload through SharePoint, VPN networks or client stipulated mediums to provide accessibility for our clients.


Our assessments secure the integrity of how our clients perform inspection of materials, thus securing safety and suitability, and most importantly, regulatory compliance by providing recommendations from trustworthy third parties, like Applus+. In addition to our programs, other assessments performed include the aforementioned assessment or pre-assessment of installation inspection, thorough inspection, and PSV interval assessment.


The assessment and pre-assessment services are provided to owner users of all industries who purchase, own and operate pressure equipment, such as pressure vessels and pressure relief devices. Services can be implemented on an ongoing basis. Generally, companies stagger their assessments throughout a year in order to keep operating while completing maintenance inspections.


There are a number of benefits associated with assessment and pre-assessment of pressure equipment integrity

  • Support customers to meet corporate compliance requirements and KPIs
  • Reduction of downtime from unexpected loss of containment or relief events
  • Energy savings by identifying losses of efficiencies and providing repair recommendations
  • Increased compliance statistics
  • Ensure equipment is apt for continued operation
  • Improve future inspection operations through reccomendations
  • Coordination with Maintenance activities to identify opportune inspection events to reduce operation downtime
  • Ensure clients are executing informed decisisions regarding the execution of pressure equipment solutions, including repairing or retiring.
  • Thorough review of inspection processes and deliver reccomendations to avert costly outcomes due to failure

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