Unearth Efficiency: Computed Radiography Empowers Oil Sands NDT Inspection


    Applus+ in Canada, is introducing highly effective advanced radiography techniques that are revolutionizing the industry. With our proprietary advanced radiography, we can accelerate critical path execution scopes, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.

    The Applus+ advanced radiography team, using SCAR/CR will efficiently handle a large quantity of welding work within a short timeframe. It provides real-time results without the need to halt ongoing work activities, making it an ideal tool for oil field executives. ABSA Authorized and prepared for prompt and efficient outputs.

    The implementation of the SCAR/CR, which has been utilized in the nuclear business for an extended period, will now be implemented in the oilsands sector. This introduction signifies a significant shift and transformation in the oilfield industry.

    Applus+ is the leading authority in the business when it comes to pioneering procedures. Since the inception of the Rotterdam testing, we have consistently maintained our position as the foremost specialist in radiographic techniques.

    As a part of the project scope, we will also be performing, conventional non-destructive evaluation (NDE), Advanced Radiography (the use of sophisticated techniques and technologies in the field of radiographic testing) and Advanced Ultrasonics (the use of highly sophisticated techniques and technologies in the field of ultrasonics).

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