Applus+ has successfully provided non-destructive testing services for a facility operator in central Canada


    In 2021, Applus+ successfully executed a non-destructive testing project for a facility operator in Canada. The scope involved the testing of tubing systems using Eddy Current Testing (ECT) capabilities. ECT takes its name from eddies, which are formed when a liquid or gas flows in a circular path around obstacles under the right conditions. 

    The Eddy Current Testing performed was able to inspect the condition of two lube oil cooler tubes owned by the client. Lube oil coolers, as their name suggests, cool turbine oil. To ensure lube oil is in optimal condition, the material must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained at the correct temperature. If the condition is not monitored accordingly, deformities like corrosion and wall-thickness reduction may develop.
    Our team of experts utilized Eddy Current bobbin probes, or ID probes, which were then inserted into tubing to inspect from the inside out. The Eddy Current instrument, CoreStar Helium, was utilized to fulfill the inspection. Our client’s lube oil cooler asset had 1828 tubes in need of inspection, in addition to the inspection of both Port-side and Starboard-side exchangers. It took approximately 4 days for our team members to inspect the lube oil coolers, and an additional day to complete the analysis and report for both exchangers. This was the first inspection of the lube oil coolers in 30 years.
    The successful inspection of our client’s asset provided much satisfaction to its operators, and the client’s integrity managers overseeing the project. Much of their satisfaction derived from the great detail exhibited in our reporting, made possible by the expertise of our team members and the methods utilized to address the challenges surrounding the assets in question. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the client, as future projects have been established.
    Eddy Current Inspection is one of several NDT methods using the principle of electromagnetism to conduct examinations. For heat-exchanger tubing systems, Applus+ offers five inspection methods: Eddy Current Testing (ECT); Remote Field Testing (RFT); Near Field Testing (NFT); Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS); and Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing (MFT).
    In conclusion, the inspection is evidence of our key differentiator; providing excellent service and going beyond the industry standard.

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