Computed radiography (CR) NDT uses a filmless process to create digital, 2-dimensional radiographs. Digital radiography NDT provides radiographic images from a computer using the same conventional radiography exposure equipment. Computed radiography eliminates the need for chemical processing, uses lower source strength, enables smaller boundaries and yields quicker results. Computed radiography NDT provides images with a higher resolution and definition, providing greater detail for evaluation. Data storage and retrieval could not be simpler and information can be shared via the internet.


Applus+ leads the field in advanced computed radiography equipment with its own R&D laboratories, worldwide resources and geographical coverage. We work closely with industry leaders and subject experts.

Our computed radiography equipment and digital radiography services comply with the requirements of various industry standards (ASME, API, DNV, EN-ISO). 

Computed radiography NDT can minimise downtime and increase production, while providing higher sensitivity and better overall definition to identify and evaluate indications.


Computed Radiography NDT has a number of applications within the industry. CR can be used in non-destructive welding testing to profile in-service piping as part of corrosion under insulation (CUI) inspections, to determine flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) or for UT wall thickness inspections.


Applus+ deploys our computed Radiography NDT in many industries and for a wide variety of asset integrity inspection programmes, including for:

  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Fossil
  • Chemical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Foundries
  • New construction
  • Post-construction
  • Corrosion monitoring


Computed radiography and digital radiography NDT provide significant advantages over conventional radiography. These include remote-viewing capabilities and advanced software capabilities such as measuring tools, zoom, window levelling, etc.


There are several advantages to using the computed radiography NDT services at Applus+:

  • Direct results after scanning on site
  • Large dynamic range
  • Dose reduction (up to 90% in some cases)
  • Smaller boundaries
  • No use of chemicals or dark-rooms
  • Use of image-processing tools
  • Digital archiving, reporting and transporting
  • Significantly fewer re-shoots
  • Digital images
  • Increased probability of detection

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