Applus+ Velosi uses next generation Electromagnetic wire rope inspection technology EMAG to identify the internal condition of wire ropes. Our equipment can measure loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) caused by external and internal corrosion, wear, broken wires, broken cores and deformations in steel wire ropes. The software used can also analyze the wire rope roughness (WRR) to produce a quantitative characterization of the internal broken wire clusters and corrosion pitting. We can also produce a conventional localized flaw (LF) signal that can help to detect broken wires and corrosion pitting. EMAG can offer cost efficiencies by reducing the need for periodic wire rope replacement, as well as eliminating an annual slip and cut policy.

Our inspection personnel are trained to use this equipment safely; in addition they have wire rope inspection certification to conduct a simultaneous visual inspection of the wire rope. If required, our teams can be rope access competent so that we can reach all the hard to access areas.
• Oil and Gas : Cranes, anchor lines, mooring lines etc.
• Civil : Cranes, elevators
• Recreational : Cable cars, ski lifts, zip lines
When using Applus+Velosi conducts wire rope inspections, the results can often lead to an increase in the wire rope life expectancy, offering significant savings to our clients, safe in the knowledge that the wire rope will remain safe to use.
Most wire rope inspection units are limited by the range of diameters of wire rope. This means for the inspection of one crane, two inspection units are usually required. This equates to additional day rates for equipment in use and in transit. Unlike the competition, Applus+Velosi’s LMA-300 unit can conduct inspections on all wire rope sizes up to 83mm offering significant savings.

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