The Applus+ SDG assessment tool is a service focused on assessing the degree of contribution of any organization to the Sustainable Development Goals, through a web application that allows it to evaluate and quantify its sustainability performance and identify actions for continuous improvement.


 The main features of this sustainability performance measurement tool are the following:

  • Applicable to all types of organizations in all sectors.
  • Self-assessment tool, aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Integration into the company's current management models as an evaluation tool and monitoring and measurement system.

1.    Assessment based on materiality:
The tool makes the assessment more flexible through the selection of Sustainable Development Goals related to the material issues of each organization. However, the tool makes a first selection of those material objectives by sector, facilitating the assessment process.

2.    Measure the organization's contribution to the SDGs at different levels. The assessment focuses on the organisation's contribution at different levels:

  • At the operational level: how the organization, through the normal conduct of its activities, contributes to the SDGs.
  • Through its influence on the value chain: how the organization monitors the implementation of practices that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs along its supply chain.
  • Through initiatives undertaken by the organization, regardless of its core business, with the aim of achieving the targets set out in the SDGs, both individually and in collaboration with other entities and organizations at local, national, and international levels.

3. Quantifying contribution and measuring progress
Quantitative assessment methodology for each SDG, allowing for continuous assessment and measurement of progress in sustainability KPIS participation and contribution. Global and individual results for each SDG. Documentary repository of evidence of compliance.

4. Continuous improvement and action plans
Because of the evaluation, the tool defines measures and actions for continuous improvement and achievement of objectives.

5. Reporting of results
Export of results and action plans as documented evaluation information.


Our sustainability performance solution is designed for any organisation, regardless of size or sector.

Additionally, the SDG Tool can be integrated into any sustainability management model regardless of the level of business involvement of the organisation. Companies that are pioneers in integrating sustainability KPIS into their lines of business and companies with strategic business plans can apply the platform as a management tool and identify improvement actions.


The benefits of integrating the use of the SDG Tool into the management model of organizations to evaluate their ESG performance are focused on:

  • Integration of the SDGs into the business strategy, in a comprehensive manner and at all levels.
  • Improvement of the organization's external image and positioning within its sector.
  • Assessment tool compatible with sustainability management models.
  • Measurement and monitoring of progress through sustainability KPIs and environmental KPIs
  • Export of results to voluntary or regulatory reporting.

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