In the context of process automation, we call mobility the ability to capture information in the field using a mobile device and process it to obtain a deliverable or create a structured database for later use.

Applus uses mobility solutions, it is to say, applications that allow assigning the technical inspection data of assets to mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This provides real-time data gathering on-site (the place where the inspection is being carried out)  by means of a mobile device and an automatic generation of inspection reports system at the back office.


Mobility is a fundamental approach for the automation of services (processes) based on data capture performed directly by a technician. Our inspection processes, especially those being visual or using unsophisticated equipment, can be managed with mobility solutions.

Benefits from using Applus Mobility Solutions:

-    Operational Efficiency: Reduction in Time and Operational Costs

When mobile data capture is accompanied by automated generation of reports, we can get a significant reduction in time and costs. While data capture time is not increased (even decreased in complex workflows), the reporting time is significantly reduced, to close to 0 in some instances.

-    Added benefits:

  • Eliminates transcription errors, ensuring that the captured data precisely matches what is reported.
  • Standardizes the inspection processes. It entails employing digital work instructions more than just utilizing digital forms.
  • Reduces/Eliminates rework by ensuring all required data is captured at the time of the inspection. 
  • It builds an inspection/service database in an orderly manner.
  • Less highly skilled workforce – inspection processes supported by mobility tools need less capable people than manual or non-mobilized inspections.

-    Stepping Stone in a Digital Strategy:

implementation of mobile data capture is one of the first steps for digitalization. While we don’t have captured data in a digital and orderly manner, we will not be able to extract further value by getting new insights, providing new services, or making better decisions. Additionally, it is a first step for further (and more advanced) automation processes by using AI/Analytics in a cloud environment.


Applus+ Mobility Solutions can be applied to a broad spectrum of projects, services, and use cases. This encompasses scenarios involving manual field data collection or the use of equipment lacking data storage and processing capabilities.

In these cases, Applus+ Mobility Solutions can assist the inspector in obtaining, storing, processing the data, and subsequently exploiting or generating inspection reports.

  • Versatility: thanks to Applus Mobility Solutions, we can carry out inspection and supervision activities with forms tailored to each project. The forms can collect a variety of types of information: texts, numerical data, GPS coordinates, images, photos, voice, etc.
  • Fast Roll-Out: the deployment of operations in the field with mobility is fast since it has a dynamic form generation tool that does not require programming skills.
  • Usability: Applus Mobility Solutions incorporates the logic necessary to achieve a good user experience, regardless of the complexity of the forms.
  • Agility: the results of the inspections carried out or of the data collected in the field can be sent to the client by email in real-time.
  • Generation of reports: the tool allows the automatic generation of supervision or inspection reports from the information collected in the field either directly or after the supervision of a designated person responsible for it.
  • Readiness for Business Intelligence: the information collected in the field can be extracted in various formats for further analysis or exploitation.
  • Control of the activity and rapid decision-making: it is possible to have control of the inspection and supervision activity that is carried out each day for the project, having available the results of the inspections carried out and speeding up the decision-making of intervention or new inspections on the controlled element.
  • Zero errors: the information flows continuously, and there is no loss of data due to possible disconnections or errors of transcription and interpretation of the information.
  • Security and integrity of the information: the information is only generated and accessed by authorized persons and is free of risks of loss of integrity or manipulation.
  • Integration with other systems: We are the owners and developers of the tool, and we can develop projects to integrate Applus Mobility Solutions with other devices or customer databases.

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