Applus+ Successfully Completed a Major Shutdown at a Refinery in Oman


    The Applus+ offices in Oman and South Africa successfully pooled resources and technical knowledge to execute the inspection scope during a major shutdown at a large refinery in Oman.

    Applus+ in South Africa provided Eddy Current probes, Remote Field Testing (RFT) probes, Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS) equipment and several sizes of Calibration Tubes, whilst Applus+ Velosi in Oman assisted with locally available Calibration tubes, personnel and equipment.

    The team successfully completed the job, with zero lost time injuries and within budget. JP Fourie, Project Manager at Applus+ South Africa commented, “We are happy to have successfully collaborated with our colleagues in Oman to deliver a world class service to our client. This is yet another example of Applus+’ global reach.