Applus+ in South Africa Provides Technical Assistance Services to a Multinational Renewable Energy Company


    Applus+ in South Africa provides technical-assistance services to a leading renewable-energy company, which generates power at both wind farms and solar parks.

    Our collaboration with the client has grown over four years, starting in South Africa and expanding into Zambia and Uganda, with additional services expected in sub-Saharan Africa. Applus+ supplied technical specialists to support the construction and operational management at five windfarms.

    Now at over 65 personnel, our services include quality assurance and control, site management support, materials and expedition verification, health & safety and environmental supervision and topographical surveying. Their expertise assists our client to comply with many health, safety and environmental legislations and to monitor suppliers for delivery to planned specification and contractual obligations.

    The growing success of the contract is underpinned by the capability of Applus+ to source well-experienced and qualified TIC specialists and experts, who for this project have been mobilised quickly through the Group’s local-based knowledge.