Applus+ in Qatar has Successfully Delivered NDT to Refurbish a Seawater Intake Structure


    Applus+ Velosi has provided a condition of service assessment, diagnosis and test analysis on a Sea Water Intake Structure (SWIS) and a hypo-chlorinator at a gas-turbine power plant in Qatar.

    SWIS are subject to extreme marine environments and chemical reactions which can damage the integrity of the structure’s materials and fabrication.

    Our inspection team deployed a range of both destructive testing (materials testing, core compression strength, carbonation and rebar corrosion analysis) and non-destructive testing (Schmidt hammer, half-cell potential, UV, hammer tapping and rebar spacing) to evaluate the structure’s integrity prior to repair.

    The work was completed ahead of schedule, and our team of engineers received a letter of appreciation for the high quality of service that was delivered.