Mahyar Asadi, Simulation Manager at Applus+ Canada, receives Fellow Award for outstanding work in industrial welding sciences


    Mahyar Asadi, Simulation Manager at Applus+ Canada (SKC Engineering) and adjunct teaching professor at the University of British Columbia, has received the Fellow Award for his outstanding work in the welding industry.

    The Fellow Award honours individuals with an exemplary reputation in the industry, stemming from advancements in welding sciences, technological application, research, education, publication of papers, books, journal articles and peer recognition.

    Mahyar has devoted the better part of his career to studying and developing welding technology. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science, a Master’s Degree in Welding Engineering and a PhD in Computational Weld Mechanics, continually putting his education into practice. He has worked to deliver advanced welding engineering services in the automotive industry, energy sector, and shipyards, adding to his growing roster of skillsets. His education and vast practical experience make him an internationally acclaimed welding engineer.

    Mahyar completed his PhD under the supervision of the distinguished research professor, John Goldak. He co-authored a chapter in the last revision of the ASM Handbook, “Numerical Aspects of Modeling Welds”, considered a seminal work by many students. He has superior knowledge of the welding trade and approaches all aspects of his professional career with impeccable ethical standards and respect.

    Mahyar has also proved his outstanding research skills, publishing over 60 peer review papers and conference proceedings at internationally recognised conferences, such as the ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division Conference. His research covers a vast array of topics, including fatigue life predictions, failure assessment and distortion minimisation, among others.

    Currently, Mahyar works for Applus+ Canada (SKC Engineering) as Simulation Manager. He is also an adjunct teaching professor at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches a welding engineering course and laboratory. He aims to develop technology for CWM, introducing innovative algorithms and models.

    We at Applus+ recognise Mahyar’s exceptional contribution to the welding industry. We are proud to count him among our team and congratulate him on his outstanding work and achievements.

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