Applus+ sets the standard in providing a flexible and client-centric service


    Applus+, a distinguished leader in the inspection, testing and certification sector, not only caters to industry giants but also prides itself on its ability to serve smaller clients with equal dedication and flexibility. The company's recent achievements exemplify its commitment to adaptability and customer satisfaction across all scales of operation.

    At the heart of Applus+'s success lies its unwavering commitment to flexibility and ability to adapt to client demands. An average of 100+ ad hoc projects are completed monthly out of the Bibra Lake office in the south of Perth, mainly servicing sites and services associated with the Kwinana industrial strip. Applus+ showcases its capability to handle diverse client needs with agility and precision. These projects encompass a wide spectrum of clients, from ASX 100 companies to local enterprises, demonstrating Applus+'s versatility and market reach.

    In 2023, Applus+ efficiently managed over 60 projects alone for a leading mining company, a testament to its ability to handle the demands of Blue-Chip clients. Moreover, this figure excludes the routine maintenance and support provided by Applus+'s resident technician, as well as the successful execution of two significant shutdowns at regional sites.

    While Applus+ excels in servicing major industry players, its dedication to smaller clients is equally remarkable. The company's ethos revolves around inclusivity and adaptability, ensuring that no client is overlooked or underserved. By embracing a client-centric approach, Applus+ fosters long-term relationships and cultivates trust across its entire client base, regardless of size or stature.

    A recent instance illustrates Applus+'s unwavering commitment to adaptability and client satisfaction. When confronted with an unexpected request from a leading local mining company to expedite a major shutdown one month earlier than planned, Applus+ swiftly mobilised its technicians, overcoming logistical hurdles and personnel availability challenges. This proactive response reinforced Applus+'s reputation as a reliable and agile partner in the mining industry.

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