The non-destructive testing (NDT), scoping and budgeting services at Applus+ provide our clients with reliable and well-reasoned planning for their non-destructive project management.


As one of the leading global NDT companies, Applus+ has the knowledge and experience to establish reliable project scopes, either based on existing NDT inspection plans/schedules or creating a programme from the beginning.

The NDT scoping and budgeting at Applus+ is carried out by one of our expert project managers, all of whom have extensive knowledge and NDT management experience. 

Applus+ has over 75 years of scoping and executing NDT projects all over the world and across numerous industries. As a result, there is virtually no NDT project that we have not experienced. Our project managers can reliably estimate scope and budget for any NDT-related project, and we draw on our extensive experience and knowledge built up over the past century as one of the leading non-destructive testing companies. 


The NDT service is aimed at clients who do not have the necessary technical expertise in-house to reliably establish the scope of an NDT project and/or the knowledge for budgetary measures. Applus+ also works with companies who have undertaken a scoping and budgeting exercise in-house, and require a NDT company to review the outcomes before starting a project.


Outsourcing NDT scoping and budgeting to Applus+ offers our clients the following benefits:

  • Our stress-free process delivers a reliable and realistic scope, as well as calculating the appropriate budget, supported by a reasonable contingency based on extensive experience
  • New scopes are created by an expert NDT management company, which are based on the latest insights from within the NDT field and TIC sector
  • Existing scopes are validated by NDT management experts, who suggest new approaches to enhance efficiency (e.g. advanced NDT techniques to reduce time and costs)