An environmental health laboratory has the ability to analyze all areas related to environmental monitoring and assessment, including atmospheric monitoring, air quality and gas emissions testing, water quality (seawater, wastewater-leachate, reclaimed water, treated water, underground water, inland water), phytoplankton in lakes and reservoirs, macroinvertebrates in water courses; environmental soil testing; water quality monitoring on drinking water and irrigation water; insulating liquids analysis; construction materials including dry materials, cement, wet mixes, water, etc.; fuel (fuel, oil, lubricant, gas) solid urban waste, biomass, etc.; and occupational hygiene sampling.


The environmental testing labs at Applus+ are equipped with a wide range of equipment, and our teams of highly qualified experts in environmental monitoring and management can carry out environmental testing in all types of installations across all sectors.

We are qualified by ENAC as an environmental testing lab according to UNE EN ISO 17025 standard.

With a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, Applus+ can support our clients in understanding and complying with legislative requirements at a local, national and international level. Through this experience, Applus+ can adapt its services from our environmental analysis laboratory to the appropriate standards for each inspection and each emission and/or pollutant.


Our environmental testing labs service is aimed at any companies that need to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation
  • Ensure the health and safety of their workers
  • Verify that their installations are operating as specified
  • Use materials characterization to obtain data on the composition of specific materials in the environment and/or of occupational health and safety
Benefits of choosing services from Applus+ for an environmental health laboratory include:
  • Compliance with current environmental legislation
  • Verification of the condition of installations, control systems and working environments that could negatively affect employee health, thereby reducing risk
  • Enhanced understanding of the composition of environmental materials

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