Applus+ Provides Consultancy Services for Quality Management Consultant (QMC)


    Applus+ plays a vital role as a consultant in the Quality Management Consultant (QMC) project by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transport, supervising and evaluating the contractors chosen by the Ministry.
    Our team evaluates the service contracts through the established indices, including document management, efficiency, and quality control. The project's duration is three years but may extend to five years. The Ministry wants to replicate this working method and extend it to other public sectors.

    The team comprises approximately 360 individuals and has a structure that includes the core team, five regional teams, and sixty-two site teams.
    The core team in charge of keeping the Ministry of Transport informed about the status of the KPIs of the service contracts. The sixty-two site team comprises Quality, Safety, and Health technicians specialising in road safety, measurement supervisors, and road inspectors. All of them are in charge of checking that the contracted company is carrying everything out correctly. The five regional teams are distributed throughout the country and are responsible for supervision.
    One of the main challenges of this project is cultural change. It requires the Ministry and contractors to change how they work, and we are deploying a training program to guide them through this process. Resistance to change is another challenge that we are addressing by emphasizing the benefits of the implemented change. Additionally, we needed a vast number of technicians within a tight time frame, which was a significant recruitment challenge. Despite these obstacles, we remain committed to completing this project and ensuring all parties benefit.
    With our experience in similar projects in other countries and Saudi Arabia, the Applus+ brand has an excellent reputation. In addition, the multicultural project team has representation from all five continents, which translates into talent from all over the world, transferring knowledge to local workers.

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