HSE inspections are part of occupational and environmental health and safety systems for checking that an organisation’s operating and working procedures are meeting the required legal standards. An HSE inspection can identify occupational hazards and be the first step in introducing measures to improve conditions. HSE inspection can be formal, informal, recorded or unrecorded, but the important aspect is that HSE inspections are carried out to a set standard at an appropriate frequency. 

An HSE inspector may visit an organisation to examine the arrangements in place for assessing and controlling risks from work-related pressures or other workplace health, safety and environmental issues. During an EHS inspection, inspectors will be looking for evidence that the organisation has undertaken or plans to complete a suitable and sufficient occupational health and safety (OHS) risk assessment.


Applus+ works in partnership with its clients to assist clients in HSE management and risk management across their entire operations.

The HSE inspections delivered by Applus+ follow a systematic approach:

  1. Planning and preparation
  2. Gather and consider relevant information
  3. Relevant records of previous interventions, incidents and enforcements
  4. Inspection ratings and other information indicative of performance
  5. Information specific to the site, work activities and process risks
  6. Any agreed local contact arrangements with employee/safety representatives
  7. Any relevant liaison arrangements with regulators (agency agreements, concordats, memoranda of understanding, etc.)
  8. Identify the objectives and priorities for the inspection
  9. Select an appropriate inspection method
  10. Inspection
  11. Introduce the inspection
  12. Manage the dynamics of the inspection
  13. Communicate the outcome
  14. Post-visit action
  15. Compile relevant reports and records and send to client 

Health, safety and environment (HSE) inspection services reduce OHS risk and maintain quality during the commissioning, operating and decommissioning phases of any project in any sector of activity.

The HSE Inspection services delivered by Applus+ can:
  • Evaluate technical and regulatory issues to ensure that your plant meets all mandatory requirements
  • Help to reduce the implications of HSE involvement as enforcement action may lead to prosecution, and in any case, substantial costs
  • Peace-of-mind to help satisfy yourself that your sites are not a danger to your workforce or to the public
  • Identify potential areas of concern and deal with them in an organised and effective manner
  • Help to protect the health and safety of your workers
  • Help to protect the environment
  • Decrease accident risks
  • Improve onsite productivity

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