Applus+ in KSA awarded prestigious project for condition assessment of King Fahad Causeway


    Applus+, a global leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services, has been granted the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive inspection of the King Fahad Causeway (KFC). This iconic infrastructure serves as the primary terrestrial link between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    In collaboration with EGIS, VSL and Trendspek, Applus+ in KSA is assessing the condition and life assessment of King Fahad Causeway, including its five bridges and embankments. The primary objective is to evaluate the bridge's current state, particularly as it nears the midpoint of its projected lifespan, and to devise strategies to prolong its operational integrity beyond its original design parameters.

    Constructed in the 1980s, the King Fahd Causeway spans 25 kilometers and consists of bridges and embankments, handling over 60,000 vehicles during peak periods. It includes 12 kilometers of twin box girder viaducts, 13 kilometers of embankments, three flyovers, and several artificial islands.

    A key aspect of Applus+' approach is the integration of cutting-edge technologies to minimize human intervention while maximizing efficiency and accuracy. Leveraging unmanned technologies such as drones, advanced software, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Applus+ aims to conduct non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring, underwater inspections, pavement assessments, visual inspections, and drone surveys. The culmination of these efforts will be the creation of a digital twin—a virtual representation of the bridge—that captures intricate details and anomalies detected during the inspections.

    To address these, the Applus+ in KSA team is committed to several key initiatives:

    • Efficient Coordination: Applus+ will orchestrate a multidisciplinary team to perform various services concurrently, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.
    • Advanced Reporting: A state-of-the-art reporting platform will be developed to present findings from visual, underwater, drone inspections, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) & Semi Destructive Tests (SDT) in a comprehensive manner. The Digital Twin, created through drone technology, will serve as a central repository of information, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies.
    • Risk Management: Recognizing the inherent risks associated with working in hazardous environments and alongside live traffic, Applus+ will prioritize safety measures and stringent risk management protocols to safeguard personnel and infrastructure assets.


    This landmark project signifies a significant milestone in Applus+ expansion in the region and underscores its position as a leader in the TIC sector. By leveraging advanced technological solutions such as Digital Twin and AI inspections, the team aims to provide its clients with insights into asset condition and performance, enabling them to make informed decisions and ensure the long-term sustainability of critical infrastructure assets.

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