Supplier or Vendor Capability Assessments, also known as vendor evaluations, third-party quality assurance audits or Pre-Contract Award Surveys, involve the mobilisation of experienced quality assurance engineers to visit manufacturers to conduct a thorough assessment of the manufacturers capabilities and workload. The purpose of the service is to provide the purchaser or client with confidence that the manufacturer has the necessary capability, systems, approvals, processes and resources to supply the goods the client is planning to purchase.

Applus+ offer comprehensive Supplier Technical Assessments Services, including capability assessments and auditing of suppliers/vendors/manufacturers, to assist clients with its supply chain management and supplier approval processes.
The scope of assessments are flexible, depending on client requirements, and can be undertaken on a 1st party (internal assessment/audit of the client on their behalf), 2nd party (assessment of suppliers acting on the behalf of a client, managing findings and corrective actions) and third party (independent verification assessment of suppliers).
The scope of assessment may include factors such as:
  • Assessment of the total work capacity, including current and projected workload
  • Assessment of compliance to management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc.
  • Assessment of the staffing and management structure
  • Assessment of the handling, storage and traceability of material
  • Assessment of vendor’s affiliations, history and client base
Our assessors are experienced engineers and QHSE professionals, with in-depth knowledge of assessment and auditing practices, who ensure a comprehensive assessment that adds real value for our clients.
Applus+ has a strong relationship with the vast majority of oil and gas-related vendors around the world, enabling us to conduct pre-contract award surveys by QA Engineers with day-to-day experience of these manufacturers.
Reporting requirements are defined by the client, who in turn receive a report from the assessment with detailed findings, allowing our clients to make informed, evidence-based decisions regarding the supplier.
Technical Capability Audits of vendors can be a very useful tool for clients who are considering placing orders with vendors which they are unfamiliar with or those they may have reservations about.
The choice of manufacturer has a direct input into the quality of product a purchaser’s organisation provides. Hence, it is essential that clients have confidence that their suppliers processess meet both statutory standards and regulations and the client’s own standards and expectations. The supplier technical assessment will help to build that confidence.
In addition, it may be beneficial, as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise, to receive a full assessment of a manufacturer, once a problematic order has been completed. Supplier Evaluation will include though, not be limited to, details of the vendor’s Quality System, Traceability, Capacity, Current Workload, Manpower, Affiliations, History/Client base, Number of Personnel and their qualifications.
Vendor Capability Assessments of manufacturers is a very useful service to clients who are considering placing a critical purchase order with a manufacturer they know very little about or have reservations about.
The service is particularly useful where the manufacturer is in another timezone in a country or region or with language barriers for the client.
The service is normally provided prior to, or during, the procurement phase of a project. However, on occasions the audit could be requested post-delivery as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise.

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