It is important to ensure that quality, scheduling and cost requirements are met in each of the different stages of an industrial project (initiation, design, development, implementation and sign off). At Applus+, Quality Assurance and Quality Control services have been combined to provide a complete project-verification solution, helping construction contractors to ensure that their internal operations and procedures meet the requirements of internationally recognised Quality Management Systems. This is achieved by supporting them to develop, launch and regularly revise a Project Quality Manual that outlines the quality procedures required during each phase of the project; and by supervising the contractors’ and subcontractors’ adherence to this quality plan to ensure they meet the requirements.

Our QA/QC services can be rolled out in any sector – electric, oil and gas, chemical, infrastructure, etc. – at any stage of a project. The services focus on:
Project Quality
  • Development of a project quality manual to incorporate procedures and flowcharts. Once in place, the manual is extended to encompass second- and third-tier documentation covering all aspects of the operations.
  • Development of a Project Quality Plan, audit schedule and appropriate data packages as well as advising on their suitability to achieve effective control of the project.
  • Maintenance of a non-conformance register for the project, issue non-conformance reports (NCRs) and follow up on corrective action and closure.
  • Review of all design activities to ensure conformance with project specifications.
Procurement Quality
  • Auditing and surveillance activities at the vendor’s facilities works during the manufacturing of equipment or modules to ensure compliance with the required code, standard or project specification.
  • Adherence to the approved Project Quality Plans is verified and can cover mechanical and electrical packages.
Construction Quality
  • Provide site surveillance and auditing by specialist engineers and inspectors (both pre-commissing as well as during manufacture, construction and installation) to ensure quality compliance in the areas of construction management, supervision and engineering.
  • Report on results of inspections, providing recommendations to address any area of non-conformance by the contractor.
Applus+ quality assurance and quality control services:
  • Ensure our clients’ compliance with quality, environmental and health and safety specifications throughout all the stages of a project
  • Provide quality assessment by an independent entity
  • Increase customer satisfaction among our clients’ customers as a result of more dependable product and service delivery (design control, purchasing, process control, handling/storage and servicing)
  • Increase customer satisfaction among our clients’ customers as a result of fewer problems with products and services (inspection and testing, inspection and test equipment, control of non-conforming material, etc.)
  • Reduce costs during the execution of projects
  • Ensure the project is well documented
  • Ensure compliance with contractual quality requirements
  • Reduce delays during the execution of the different stages of a project
This service is aimed at Service companies (electricity, gas, oil, chemical, etc.) as well as at companies in the engineering/industrial sector that want to ensure the overall success of their projects.
QA/QC services can benefit any project where the project owner wishes to safeguard their investment.
These services can be implemented at any stage of a project, including:
  • Engineering and design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Comissioning 

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