The external structure of in-service floating assets can be difficult and risky places to inspect with traditional methods. Applus+ utilizes the latest in UAV drone and camera technology to provide comprehensive remote visual inspection (RVI) services for the Oil & Gas and Marine sector.
    We utilize the very best industrial grade UAV drone systems to ensure reliable, safe, and efficient performance, along with many levels of redundancy and our highly trained and experienced operators.
    Our drones are fitted with professional mirrorless full-frame digital cameras of up to 42mp and fast prime lenses.
    With this high end and correctly paired combination of UAV’s, camera’s and operator’s Applus+ can provide the resolution and inspection insight demanded by our clients around the world.

    Target Applications
    UAV Drone inspections are perfect for remote visual inspections of hard to access places such as external cargo/tanker ship hulls, FPSO’s and other floating facilities.
    UAV drone inspections can be performed while the facility is fully functioning and in-service saving on shutdown and transportation costs of returning assets to port. A visual inspection of a vessel hull, for example, can be performed prior to a refurbishment campaign to assess and plan the extent of areas that require further works. This can save huge cost and risk exposure as refurbishment crews know exactly where works are to be performed as well as tooling and equipment required.
    Applus+ UAV drones can provide a varied level of inspection detail based on the client’s requirements from general visual inspections to more detailed work, including; infrared, high definition video, photogamatry and lidar solutions.

    Applus+ UAV Drones have completed a large number of in-service floating vessel inspections offshore for a number of different clients. The collection of 10 years of UAV Drone operations with an exemplary safety record, with the world-class experience of Applus+ inspectors, allows us to provide facility and asset owners the insights they require into the conditions of their assets.