Pulsed Eddy Current Investigation

    Applus Australia recently completed a 4 month hands on investigation into Pulsed Eddy Current, namely the two systems currently available from Applus+, RTD INCOTest and EddyFi Lyft.
    Pulsed Eddy Current results were compared to known defects, ultrasonics measurements and pit gauge results with very positive results. As part of the investigation pulsed eddy current foot prints, averaging areas, probe capabilities, specifications and edge effect were investigated to offer the most suitable pulsed eddy current solution for each topside and subsea scope
    Rope access, large inspection areas, subsea, ferrous or conductive materials, small corroded areas, encoded C scans and tight radius assets were all considered in the investigation to select the most suitable technique for each asset.
    Benefits and Uses:
    • Inspection without distrubing insulation, coating, cement, STOPAQ, Technowrap or marine growth.
    • Corrosion under insulation.
    • Hot and Cold assets (<500o to >-100o)
    • Interactive 3D scope planning, implementation and reporting.