Applus+ Develops Camera System to assist with Confined Space Inspection

    Applus+ has recently completed a shutdown for a major Oil and Gas client. Using a newly developed camera system, the RVI-420, the team were able to internally inspect two vessels and safely perform close visual inspections.
    The Applus+ Technology Centre has developed the RVI-420 as a result of its bespoke tooling services. With strong performance capabilities, the camera system can be used for a variety of applications. 

    The new camera system is fully equipped with:
    • A 42.4 mega pixel SLR camera providing much improved image quality over analog video cameras
    • Optional lenses for different zooms
    • Wifi and bluetooth to allow operation and live viewing on a tablet
    • A gimbal mounted camera controlled by the operator with image stabilisation and 360o viewing
    • 400W of LED Lighting
    • Battery operation using an Applus+ in-house designed and built battery control unit
    Use of the RVI-420 not only assisted the team in completing the project efficiently and to a high standard, it also reduced the cost and eliminated the risk of confined space entry.