DJI Matrice 210 Joins Applus+ Fleet of Industrial UAV Drones

    After extensive flight testing, Applus+ has recently added the DJI Matrice 210 aircraft to its fleet of industrial UAV drones for inspection, surveillance and survey applications.

    The Matrice 210 is a highly refined, precise and capable machine featuring the latest in UAV technological developments including collision avoidance, dual smart battery redundancy and GLONASS positioning. The aircraft has several different payload options including a super stabilised 30x optical zoom camera, full radiometric thermal imaging and full frame DSLR quality, high resolution RGB cameras. Additional custom payloads have also been fitted for specialist tasks including an aerial LiDAR laser scanner and a range of atmospheric and gas sensors.

    Its unique ability to carry two camera payloads at once allows for further increases in mission efficiency. The super stabilised 30x optical zoom camera captures incredible levels of image magnification while remaining perfectly stable and vibration free (even in windy conditions). This high level of optical zoom allows the camera operator to zoom closely on areas of interest and perform a live inspection, if required.

    If an anomaly or defect is detected, images from multiple perspectives can be captured for reporting purposes. The machine is also able to inspect assets in regular RGB colour or infrared thermal, providing clients with reassurance that all visible defects will be detected in one pass. This live method of inspection is ideal for general visual inspections, potential dropped object surveys of entire facilities, high risk inspections and general surveillance and monitoring applications.

    Applus+ has recently put its fleet of Matrice 210 machines to use in several different campaigns with its advanced capabilities already contributing to successful outcomes.

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