At Applus+, our Industrial radiography deploys high-energy X-ray systems to provide high-resolution radiography test for casting sections. Heavy-wall, large irregular castings, which would take considerable time to radiograph with conventional gamma-isotope equipment, only take a matter of minutes using the high-energy X-ray NDT testing methods.


With our high-energy NDT X-ray systems, Applus+ can provide fast, sharp, precise radiograph of cast steel or equivalent materials up to 28cm (11 inches) in thickness, with a material weight of up to 10 tonnes. Two per cent sensitivity can be demonstrated on material with a thickness down to 1.9cm (.748 inches).

Our Varian linear accelerators can image 15cm (6 inches) of cast steel on medium-grain film in five minutes, whereas a 100-curie cobalt 60 source exposure would take 10 times longer for the same application.

Two-centimetre focal-spot sizes allow for greater definition at shorter source-to-film distances, while a higher radiation intensity permits longer source-to-film distances, covering up to six 35cm x 43cm (14 inches x 17 inches) films in a single exposure.

With seven different high-energy systems (2 x 2MeV, 1 x 3MeV, 4 x 4MeV), Applus+ has the greatest high-energy, industrial X-ray NDT service capacity in the US.


Typical applications for high-energy X-ray non-destructive testing systems include:

  • High-pressure steel valves for the oil and gas industry
  • Blade and vane segments for industrial gas turbines
  • Nickel alloy aircraft-engine castings
  • Stainless steel aircraft-engine castings
  • Cast blade hubs for wind turbines 

Clients using high-resolution radiography  NDT from Applus+ will benefit from:

  • A significant reduction in NDT inspection time – offering subsequent cost-efficiencies, particularly on large, irregular objects
  • An environmentally-friendly process, with no chemicals required
  • Reduced quantities of film scraps
  • Extremely high-quality results and analysis

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