The Applus+ Materials Centre can provide site based materials analysis services for on-shore and off-shore installations.
Key materials analysis techniques that can be provided include:
  • Visual inspection
  • Portable chemical analysis using Optical Emission Spectroscopy.  This technique permits full chemical analysis for ferrous based alloys including carbon and nitrogen contents.
  • PMI using hand-held XRF systems
  • Surface replication with direct digital microscopy
  • Portable hardness testing
Surface replication is a non-destructive technique that allows the surface region of interest to be polished and etched in-situ, then the microstructure viewed using a high magnification digital microscope to reveal the key microstructural features. 
The Applus+ method uses direct imaging of the prepared surface in real-time, via a tablet PC.
The key advantages the Applus Materials Centre provides to our clients for site based materials analysis are trained and experienced technicians operating from branches located throughout Australia, with rapid access and short turnaround times, combined with innovative solutions and new techniques.  Services can be provided to manufacturing, mineral processing, mining, oil & gas and utilities industries.