Applus+ provides comprehensive waste management services including consulting, technical assistance, engineering, supervision, inspection, and laboratory analysis. 
Our waste management solutions are highly specialized, including the whole business cycle, from inception, evaluation, and implementation through the follow-up and optimisation of specific projects. 
Our experience translates into the capacity to develop the most diverse action strategies adapted to the needs of our customers, including both companies and public administration authorities. Services would comprise all waste flows.


At Applus+, we know waste management, as we have over 25 years of experience working with authorities, the industry, managers, or agents to provide them with the best solutions from a technical approach, guaranteeing the final outcome.

Thanks to our presence throughout over 60 countries, this coverage results in a service based on proximity, which implies a detailed knowledge of the territory and the applicable regulatory framework. We provide high-value expertise and digital tools of our own to manage and analyze information.

Our team is made up of specialized waste management technicians, as well as specific project managers who provide the protection and communication required from project inception through its termination.

We understand the changes and needs that the market demands, in line with the circular economy paradigm. In this sense, we participate in business policies aimed at excellence, where the waste vector is understood as an opportunity.

We support and provide advice to public entities or municipal utilities in the provision of effective and quality services, planning the operating management that will be integrated into adapted and adjusted models.

The origin of all these comprehensive strategies is the knowledge of the “zero status” needed to obtain information favoring the most accurate approach, along with our customers.

The experience of Applus+ in waste consulting and inspection is supported by numerous projects comprising strategic planning, management organization and compliance, inspection and control, quality characterization and control, training, communication, and innovation.

Most of our projects are supported by certificates of satisfactory execution, which evidence the excellent performance of our team, and we are accredited as a control body for waste characterization and sampling. We are the first entity to be accredited by the Spanish Accreditation Entity (ENAC, in Spanish) to inspect facilities containing Category A hazardous mining waste.


The types of waste management solutions rendered by Applus+ within this sphere arise from different causes, the most common of which include waste regulation changes and requirements, cost reduction, the need to control and supervise waste management processes, the deployment of alternative waste management models, or the dissemination of information and messages to users.

In addition, the current context characterized by the lack of resources and the need to optimize means welcomes waste management and recycling strategies, implying a rational management of waste, which is increasingly demanded by the society.

  • We support municipalities and other administration authorities in their efforts towards effective municipal waste management, based on a thorough knowledge of the territory and the social component.
  • We increase the value of identity and proximity to apply waste management and recycling solutions in municipal waste.
  • We are aware of the administration authority and applicable waste regulations.
  • We help plan the operating management of municipal utilities engaged in road collection and cleaning, so as to integrate it into adapted and adjusted models, both technically and economically. We test the viability of the different waste management options by analyzing and defining the best applicable solution, including SWOT, CAME strategies and multiple criteria.
  • We study process engineering and apply solutions for reducing the ecological footprint of the product.
  • We provide a vision of strategic positioning and competition. We provide support in filing applications with administration authorities.
  • We firmly believe in and have a position in favour of the application of policies (including economic policies) that are consistent with the environment and the use of opportunities and resources (industrial symbiosis, lower dependence on landfills, optimisation of waste flows subject to producers’ extended responsibility, etc.).
  • We make population part of these models, thus allowing them to design and implement awareness campaigns aimed at the guarantee of response. We guarantee a response based on an accurate communication approach.
  • We supervise whether these waste management models work by analysing the most important aspects and resorting to municipal utilities and the control of waste treatment facilities. We provide waste measurement and waste classification. 
  • We commit to finding and facilitating financing methods to carry out waste projects of interest, cooperating in the setting of goals and defining the courses of action.
  • We incorporate technological resources and procedures to support the application of specific waste management solutions.

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