Automatic Measurement Systems (AMS) are equipment that continuously controls atmospheric emissions from industrial facilities.

The verification and calibration services provided by Applus+ are intended for calibrating (QAL2) and verifying (AST) automatic measurement systems for atmospheric emissions.


Applus+ provides services for continuous QAL2 and AST for a vast range of measuring equipment, for example:

  • Inorganic pollutants: particles, SO2, NOx, CO, HCI, HF, NH, etc.
  • Organic pollutants: total organic carbon (TOC), individual organic compounds
  • Auxiliary parameters: volumetric flow rate, oxygen, temperature, pressure, water vapour, etc.

We have a wide range of calibration equipment and a team of highly qualified experts for testing all types of automatic measuring systems and equipment in all sectors. We also design software applications to control automatic-measurement systems during operation (QAL3), which allows us to offer a compehensive solutions to our clients.

The environmental testing laboratory at Applus+ is qualified by ENAC for the calibration of automatic measurement systems, and we undertake testing in accordance with European standards (UNE EN 14181, UNE-EN 16911-2 and UNE-EN 13284-2).

Applus+ can also carry out pre-installation checks for the AMS to determine its appropriate location, ensuring the representativeness of the measured values, in accordance with the UNE-EN 14181 and UNE-EN 15259 standards.


Applus+ deploys our services for the verification and calibration of measuring instruments to:

  • Companies subject to the directive regarding large combustion installations
  • Incinerators or companies involved in incineration
  • Companies with solvent management plans
  • Installations wanting to verify the calibration of their automatic measurement systems.

The main targeted industries are:

  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Cement Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Industries
  • Steel Industry

Partnering Applus+ for verification and calibration services on automatic measuring equipment offers, amongst others, the following benefits to clients:

  • Compliance with current environmental legislation.
  • Peace of mind regarding the condition of installations, contamination-monitoring systems and purifiers.
  • A greater understanding of the composition of environmental materials.

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