Applus+ partners with Lab61 to re-use e-waste, promoting environmental responsibility and education


    In a bid to address the growing concerns of e-waste disposal and promote sustainable practices, Applus+ has forged a groundbreaking partnership with Lab61, an innovative training and learning hub based in Perth, Western Australia. This partnership marks a significant milestone in waste reduction efforts and education in the fields of robotics, engineering and technology.

    The initiative began when Applus+ found itself with a surplus of older equipment, including laptops and desktop computers. After researching many options, the team at Applus+ identified Lab61, a female and indigenous-led organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation in robotics, engineering, and technology, as the perfect partner for their e-waste to be utilised for educational purposes.

    According to the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership, approximately 50 million metric tons of electronic waste were generated worldwide in 2019 alone, and only 17.4% of this waste was recycled. E-waste contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which pose significant environmental and health risks if not disposed of properly. The amount of e-waste generated every year is equivalent to the weight of 5,000 Eiffel Towers!

    The partnership with Lab61 not only addresses Applus+ waste reduction goals but also aligns with Lab61's mission to provide hands-on experience and equal opportunities to students in emerging technological fields. Applus+ donation of old equipment to Lab61 serves as a crucial resource for their training programs, allowing students to learn vital skills such as soldering and fault-finding using upcycled electronics and circuit boards.

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