Root Cause Failure Analysis Seminar


    Applus+ has presented a technical paper on the root cause failure analysis of welds at the Australian Corrosion Association (ACA) seminar held on 16 August 2019.

    The ACA is the peak industry body representing corrosion technologists, scientists and industry professionals within Australia. A seminar was held on 16 August to provide knowledge and training on Root Cause Failure Analysis specifically targeted to corrosion based failures. Six leading industry professionals provided current knowledge on topics including: fundamentals of root cause analyses, analysis of paint coatings, analysis of welds, materials selection, stray current corrosion and microbial induced corrosion. Dr Paul Huggett from Applus+ presented the seminar covering the analysis of welds, including some relevant case studies related to weld corrosion.

    Applus+ is a leading provider of root cause analyses (failure analyses) in the Western Australian region for key clients including Woodside, Chevron, Shell and Inpex in the areas of corrosion based failures and investigations, in addition to other industry areas including mining, manufacturing and utilities sectors. The contributions made through this seminar reinforce our commitment to our clients and our continuing development of knowledge and expertise in the area of materials corrosion.