Applus+ holds training for Siverviewing RMS2 automated scanner unit


    Applus+ recently held an internal training and awareness session for the Silverwing RMS2 automated scanner unit. The RMS2 scanner is part of a wide range of tools available to us to undertake non-intrusive inspection (NII) programs of our client’s pressure equipment.

    RMS2 is a high-speed, high-accuracy remote-access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system. It is designed to assess the condition of storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, and other critical equipment. It fits well in inspection programs supporting integrity management processes, ensuring effective and safe operation.

    RMS2 offers 100% coverage in a band up to 1 m wide, significantly increasing the probability of detection (PoD) of defects, enabling engineers to determine optimal repair strategies, and improve remaining life assessment (RLA) and risk-based inspection (RBI) maintenance programs.

    Flexible Solution

    Every model in the RMS2 line, are equipped with automated ultrasonic scanner heads that share the same high-performance system controller, making it possible to use different heads according to inspection requirements. The steerable tractor of RMS2 incorporate high-torque stepper motors and powerful magnetic drive wheels, ensuring the scanner remains fixed to the inspection surface even when it is inverted


    • High probability of corrosion detection with up to 0.5 mm (0.02 in) scan grid
    • Wide range of applications up to 200 ˚C (392 ˚F)
    • Inspect materials as thick as 150 mm (5.9 in)
    • 3D data view for internal/external profiles
    • Can be used on any ferrous item from 152.4 mm (6in) NB to flat plates
    • Longitudinal scanning head for increased productivity on crude oil transfer lines, slug catchers, and the like
    • Up to 50 m (164 ft) long × 1 m (3.3 ft) wide scan data acquisitions, feasible in one location

    Scanner heads come in varying sizes dependant on the application; 300mm / 450mm / 600mm and arc scanners designed to operate longitudinally on pipes 610–1219 mm (24–48 in) in diameter.

    Applus+ has significant experience in preparing and executing NII work scopes. NII requires careful, systematic consideration and, through our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the processes and vessels involved, we are able to optimise inspection practices to provide a fully customised inspection regime and, in so doing, ensure the ongoing integrity of our clients’ equipment.

    With our experienced teams of inspection engineers and skilled technicians based all around the world and a wide range of both conventional and advanced techniques and technologies at our disposal (both intrusive and non-intrusive), Applus+ is able to provide clients with a complete inspection solution that is both efficient and safe.

    With greater demand for reducing internal access to vessels and tanks during turnarounds and the improvements to HSE performance through not having to enter confined spaces, the RMS2 automated ultrasonic scanner is a valuable addition to the NII toolbox.

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