The Halogen diode detector probe test is a method to conduct a leak inspection by using a tracer gas and a detector probe to detect the presence of halogen. The detection of halogen across a pressure boundary would indicate the presence of a leak.


Applus+ has certified technicians to deliver leak inspection using various methods of halogen diode testing.


Halogen diode detector probe testing can be used for leak inspection in a variety of industries. One of the more common tests is to pressurise the shell side of a heat exchanger with the tracer gas (normally halogen) and then probe the tube-sheet welds to detect the presence of halogen, which would indicate a leak.

This type of leak test can be conducted on new components to ensure they are leak tight before being put into service or on existing components to determine the location of a leak.


Leak inspection with halogen diode detector probe testing can be conducted on both new and existing components to either verify that a component is leak-free or to determine the location of a leak if one is suspected.

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