Applus+ 3D Scanning services go beyond mere data collection, offering the highest level of accuracy for complex modellng and analysis tasks. Our use of handheld structured light scanners allows for sub-millimeter accuracy, setting a high standard for precision in 3D scanning.     


Utilizing cutting-edge laser scanning technology, we capture detailed spatial data of structures or components. This data serves as the foundation for high-level modeling and analysis, applicable across a range of industries. 

Our technicians are trained to collect data in hard-to-reach environments and adapt to the project they need to undertake.

Using high-accuracy 3D scanning for integrity assessments, you will have a rich data set to support your Fitness For Service assessments.

Applus+ High-Accuracy 3D structured light Scanning services are designed for intricate modeling and analysis, we adapt to various industry requirements and provide highly skilled technicians to collect data in any environment.

In addition to 3D scanning, we offer services like photogrammetry, mobile LIDAR capture, and comprehensive 3D modeling services.


Our High-Accuracy 3D Scanning services are aimed at industries requiring precise spatial data for modeling and analysis. This includes sectors like oil and gas, shipping, utilities, and asset integrity. Our solutions are highly adaptable and have been successfully deployed across various projects, including pipelines, vessels, tanks, and failure analysis.

  • The exceptional level of accuracy ensures that your models and analyses are reliable and actionable. 
  • Our adaptability across various industries means we can quickly align with your specific requirements. 
  • The expertise of our technicians allows for data collection in even the most challenging environments, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Our 3D scanning experts are trained to gather data in specialized or challenging environments such as confined spaces or via rope access, ensuring reliable results regardless of conditions.

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