Applus + participates in the Big-5 Saudi, the fastest growing construction show in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Santiago Penabella, Managing Director of Applus+ in KSA lectures on how to integrate the buildings installations in the architectural design
    The Big-5 Saudi was held at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events in March 2019 and hosted over 14,000 visitors.  At the event, Santiago Penabella, Managing Director of Applus+ in KSA spoke about how to integrate the buildings installations in the architectural design. Especially how important is that the architect/designer has a basic knowledge of MEP installations so they can be considered in the design from the concept stage.
    The talk was divided into three parts:
    1. Fitting MEP installations in buildings: About how the architect/designer must have basic knowledge about installations, knowing the space requirements for the installations of the building and what regulations are applicable to the building.
    2. Considering the maintenance works in the design stage: About how the architect needs to know the maintenance requirements of the MEP installations and how the building must be designed to ensure the accessibility to the installations during operation.
    3. MEP as part of the architectural design: Taking 3 iconic buildings designed by world class architects as a good example of how the installations can be taken as part of the design of the building and be perfectly integrated with the design of the whole building.
    The lecture was a personal reflection, from an architect’s point of view, on how the installations of the buildings (air conditioning, electricity, firefighting, fire detection, IT, plumbing, drainage…) must be taken in consideration during the concept design and detailed design stages of an architectural project, to ensure the correct construction and further use of the building. It’s not only a matter of understanding what installations are required for the use of the building and include them in the design, but the architect can also and should integrate the installations as part of the design of the building.

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