Applus+ organised a workshop to develop a Quality Assurance System for the City Cleaning Projects

    Applus+ recently organised a workshop with the presence of MoMRA (Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs) of Saudi Arabia, where a Quality Assurance System for cleanliness workd was presented to the Municipalties.
    Currently, in Saudi Arabia, City Cleaning services are provided by subcontracted companies. However, this system has proved to be limited in terms of the optimal application of City Cleaning contracts and quality control procedures. This limitation could be eliminated if an electronic system, which allows the creation of command boards, is implemented. This scheme would enable us to follow the indicators of cleanliness and fieldwork costs.
    Consequently, the Ministry has contracted Applus+ as an independent specialized consultant to support the implementation of the proposed Quality Assurance System in order to improve the way these companies are controlled.
    In order to develop the Quality Assurance System accurately, Applus+ organised this workshop, which gathered all the managers in charge of the City Cleaning services from each municipality in Saudi Arabia. This enabled Applus+ the opportunity to explain all the states of the project to make it a success.
    Throughout 2017, Applus+ together with MoMRA worked on a pilot project using this Quality Assurance System, which took place in the city of Medina. Thanks to the success of this trial, our company was awarded a contract of 3M€ to implement its services in all the “Amanas” (Municipalties) of Saudi Arabia.
    Applus+ is taking part in this project offering its environmental consultancy, QHSE and IT solutions to make sure City Cleaning service contractors comply with the standards established by the Government. Applus+ has mobilised twenty seven specialized consultants and inspectors that are supervising subcontracted cleaning companies reporting monthly on an online platform, how the systems given by the Government are being implemented after monitoring and tracking all data related to the operational aspect.
    During the workshop, the Applus+ team met with the Director of Project Development. Their discussion was focused on the objectives and design of the project, the services Applus+ is performing and the possibility of reviewing future opportunities for collaboration between Applus+ and MoMRA. Especially future opportunities to duplicate a similar Quality Assurance System for other activities.

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