Applus+ complete regulatory inspections and self-assessments required by legislation for all types of public and private activities concerning the air, water, waste, soil and noise.

Based on our official approvals and authorisations, we provide inspection services in all environmental sectors: atmospheric emissions, air quality, odour levels, water quality, noise levels, ground quality and waste.
We fully adapt internal inspection procedures to existing standards for each inspection and pollutant. We have a large team of qualified and experienced inspectors for making environmental inspections for all types of installations and/or sectors. Our extensive geographic network means that we provide a rapid response and reliable results.
We are qualified as an environmental inspection agency by ENAC in all environmental sectors, in accordance with the criteria of the UNE EN ISO 17020 and 17025 standard. We operate as an authorised control and/or inspection agency.
We have our own chemical and microbiology laboratories, accredited by ENAC according to the criteria of the UNE EN ISO 17025 standard.
Companies with concentrations of pollutant emissions in their installations and in particular, companies that must:
  • Demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation
  • Produce certificates of corrective measures
  • Classify waste
  • Inspect installation operations
  • Complies with current environmental legislation
  • Verifies the condition of installations and contamination monitoring systems and purifiers
  • Reduces the risk of environmental disaster