The Applus+ energy-efficiency service covers all activities related to a facility's energy cycle, from advice at the point of purchase to the continuous energy management of the facilities, including diagnostics, energy audits and energy saving proposals.





Energy efficiency is a growing concern, both from an economic standpoint and an environmental one, regardless of the area of activity. Applus+ has over 15 years of experience in conducting energy-efficiency studies across all sectors (hospitals, hotels, sports centres, offices, etc.) with over 300 references from both private and public clients. Applus+ offers its advisory, consultancy and energy-management services with a view to optimising energy consumption. We offer support during the procurement of a facility, advising clients on the various subsidies they can apply for. At Applus+, we believe that adapting the type of power-supply contract to the client's consumption characteristics usually offers substantial savings. We perform energy diagnosis because knowing a facility's energy situation is the starting point for optimising its consumption. We provide a detailed energy-consumption study or audit to determine the efficiency of the consumption, pinpoint areas reponsive to energy savings, and identify technically and economically viable solutions. We ensure energy management by monitoring consumption parameters, avoiding cost overruns and deviations in the energy budget.


We provide a flexible service tailored to the client's needs (from training packages to specific studies and energy audits). We offer a fast service, close to our clients, thanks to our large network of offices worldwide. We are therefore well placed to advise our clients on the specific subsidies available in their particular region.