Pipeline Rehabilitation

Applus+ Velosi is specialized in trenchless techniques for the rehabilitation of drains and pipelines.
With operational bases in all GCC countries, we provide tailored solutions to both the municipal and industrial sectors, we utilise the latest technologies for the inspection and rehabilitation of both gravity and pressurised pipelines.
Our services include non-invasive “in-line” under pressure leak detection and condition assessment of potable water lines; treated sewage effluent (TSE); and sewerage mains, enabling pipelines to be cleaned, inspected and repaired without the need for excavation.
This provides vast savings in time, money and – most importantly – energy. The trenchless concept is especially valuable in busy environments such as cities, industrial zones and refineries, where excavation would be costly and disruptive.
CCTV Inspection is a form of “tele-presence” used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. Applus+ Velosi possesses a wide selection of cameras, robotic cutters and the most innovative technique of pipeline inspection. All reports are coded to EN 13508 standard and our operators and reporters are certified to MSCC4 (WRC).
We provide our clients with a comprehensive structural report and we offer a range of `No Dig’ trenchless repair techniques to rehabilitate the existing pipe without the need for excavation.
As cities grow and infrastructure ages trenchless pipeline rehabilitation is a growing sector in many regions. In recent years, Applus+ Velosi has become well regarded in Middle East. Specifically, in the GCC countries with approvals from many Municipalities across the region.
Core Services
• CCTV Inspection, Inclination and Deformation Measurement
• Pipeline Condition Assessment
• Non-invasive under pressure CCTV Inspection
• Non-invasive under pressure Leak Detection
• UV GRP Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining
• Gravity and Pressurized Pipelines
• LED UV GRP Cured In Place (CIPP) Lining
• Gravity Pipelines with 90o bends
• Localised GRP Patch Repairs
• Pipe Joint Leak Sealing