The Applus+ Group is an internationally recognised mining-engineering and manpower consultancy, and we exemplify international best practice in terms of safe working practices towards our staff, contractors and clients.





We provide a comprehensive range of human-resource, technical-inspection and mining-equipment services, and we continually strive to develop and improve our services with the goal of being the partner of choice to the mining-engineering industry around the world.
Applus+ has secured numerous long-term contracts and built quality relationships with many of the world’s most recognised companies, in both large and small mining projects. We are renowned for the quality of our services and our strong client relationships, and we understand that the requirements of any business may change over time.
Our  mining quality assurance and quality control services are offered across a broad range of activities. The services can be used individually or combined to provide a total project quality management solution.
Applus+ has specialists in inspection, testing, safety monitoring, statutory equipment inspection and project quality assurance, and, therefore, the management of construction quality and safety can be successfully integrated into a single management framework.
Applus+ provides comprehensive systems, globally, for asset-management and life-extension services for onshore and offshore plant and structures. We are also able to help clients move personnel around the world by organising work visas and travel arrangements.
Advantages of contracting Applus+ mining services include:
  • Multi-disciplinary staff with extensive experience in mining, renewable energies and construction operations
  • Strong client relationships and an understanding of their changing labour/technical requirements
  • Strategic alliances with other organisations, giving us a valuable edge in the competitive global environment
  • Compliance with globally recognised ISO standards
  • Communication through a single point of contact, who will ensure the quality of the overall service
  • International best practice
  • Personnel provided as contractors or as staff appointments on the client’s payroll