Applus+ in Indonesia delivers non-destructive testing services to Toyo Kanetsu Indonesia


    Applus+ in Indonesia is working in two important projects with TOYO KANETSU INDONESIA. These projects started in 2018 and are still ongoing.

    The services that Applus+ delivers to TOYO KANETSU INDONESIA are non-destructive testing (magnetic testing, ultrasonic testing, radiography testing and visual testing) which are managed by our Project Management Team, Project Planner and Operation Team. 

    The magnetic particle testing is a method of testing the material without damaging it and it is usually carried out to detect any defect on the surface of the object. This method can test large and complex materials quickly and there is no need to make difficult preparations. In this case, our professionals use the following equipment: Magnetic AC Yoke.

    The ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound energy to carry out checks and make measurements. We use it to detect, evaluate, make dimensional measurements, and material characterisation. Among its diverse uses, it can detect laminate defects that cannot be detected by radiography testing, magnetic testing, or liquid penetrant testing. We use the Ultrasonic Machine USM 36 in this case.

    The radiographic testing, where we use x-rays or gamma rays, helps us penetrate almost all metals (except lead and some solid materials), which allows us to modify defects or discrepancies behind metal walls or within the material itself. The equipment we use comprises X-Ray Machine Xylon 360kv, X-Ray Machine ICM 180kv and Gamma Ray IR192 Sentinel.

    Finally, we also perform visual testing, in which we use mirrors, torches and head lights, welding gauge and borescopes.

    We are proud to be part of a project with one of the most recognised Oil & Gas companies in Indonesia.

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