Applus+ collaborates with Ridho Ilahi orphanage in Batam


    In Indonesia, Applus+ continues its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, called Applus+ Giving Back. The program is our social commitment at a local level to contribute to the community.

    Our team in Batam visited the children at Ridho Ilahi orphanage on March 7, 2020. In occasion, we brought household goods to support daily life. Ridho Ilahi orphanage is not just a shelter, the orphanage provides education and love for the 15 children and 3 teenagers. We would like to send our gratitude to our young host for welcoming us warmly to their home and letting us be their playmates for a day.


    As a team, Applus+ Giving Back has brought our team closer together and helped them work more unified as a team. We hope that the program helps improve the lives of orphans.