Applus+ in Indonesia delivered a Positive Material Identification service for an EPC company


    Our team at Applus+ in Indonesia completed a comprehensive PMI inspection for an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) company. Positive Material Identification (PMI) is essential in many industries and is vital in safety and risk management. 

    PMI testing allows us to verify the composition of metal alloys in various industrial applications, ensuring that it meets the specified requirements for chemical properties. Moreover, it is also possible to identify unknown or unlabelled materials, to ensure that materials are compatible with one another, and to prevent contamination or degradation of materials. Inspection parameters vary depending on the content or chemical composition required by the client.
    The PMI inspection includes several key features designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of PMI testing. One of the most significant features of the newly awarded project is the inclusion of requirements for an advanced Olympus X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. The testing device has improved accuracy and precision compared to previous generations of XRF technology, which can help to reduce errors and enhance the reliability of PMI testing results.

    Applus+ provided competent and knowledgeable personnel for this project, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the results. Following the inspection, we provided reports and documentation in a structured format noting any deviations from the specifications. Its purpose is to ensure that the results are easy to interpret and use by all stakeholders, from project managers to maintenance technicians.
    Our PMI inspection resulted in more accurate, reliable, and safe results due to Applus+ advanced technology, qualified personnel, detailed reporting, and robust safety protocols. In turn, this can lead to improved quality and efficiency in industrial applications, leading to cost savings and increased performance, which, in turn, contributes to business improvement.

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