7 Key Steps to Ensure the Safe reopening of your Business


    In June 2020, Applus+ team held a webinar on how to have a safe system of work during the pandemic and summarize it into 7 key steps to ensure the safe re-opening of the business.



    1. Appoint a Covid-19 Task Force: Ensure that your team has the authority and resources to implement your system/guidelines and meet your legal obligations.
    2. Understand the Risks: Identify and protect your most vulnerable employees.
    3. Control the Risks: Manage social distancing, follow local regulations, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    4. Get Ready, and Start-Up: Rearrange workstations, put up signs, schedule return-to-work training, stock up on supplies: soap, cleaning supplies, masks, hand-sanitizer, create new procedures: work rotations, hygiene & safety policy, and break schedules.
    5. Communicate: Keep employees informed: what the company is doing, what is expected from them, new procedures in the workplace, helpline. Encourage suggestions.
    6. Be kind: Consider stress and illness. Make allowances for leave and flexible hours.
    7. Learn and Improve: Stay informed and follow the law, the science, and the system. Check-in with each department regularly and get their help to improve the system.