Pre-Inspection Program for Issuance of Certificate of Conformity in the Country of Origin/Exporting of Goods Supplied to Iraq.


A thorough safety inspection, testing, and conformity assessment of goods are crucial for smooth market access. The essential focus is to ensure the product meets the safety and quality standards and requirements in order to give assurance to consumers that the product is safe for the environment and for use.

Applus+ is one of the world's leading companies in Inspection, Testing, and Certification, having more than 35 years of specific experience in providing services related to the inspection of products and equipment at origin.

Applus+ Government and Trade Services (GTS) Goal is to work in collaboration with Importers and Exporters of Goods and Products to achieve Safe, Quality, and Timely operation through our Certification offices throughout the world and in exporting countries.

Applus+ is a qualified certification body appointed by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) of the Republic of Iraq and authorized to issue a Certificate of Conformity for regulated goods and products before exporting into Iraq according to the applicable Standards and specifications.

Clients who have consignments of regulated goods and products intended for export into Iraq are required to meet the stipulations of Pre-Inspection, Testing, and obtaining a Certificate of Conformity to avoid delays in clearing the goods or further consequences of penalties or even return of your shipment.

Applus+, through its Conformity Assessment Program, grants the Certificate of Conformity for the conforming goods in the form required by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control COSQC.

How to get a certificate of conformity (CoC)?

1- Applying for a Certificate of Conformity through a Request for Certification (RFC) Form.
2- Applus+ will Carry out the Assessment of Conformity and ensure the goods and products conform to the requirements of the specifications applied by COSQC.
3- Applus+ will Carry out the Inspection in the country of origin or the country of export, where conformity is assessed by observation and judgment accompanied by measurement, examination, or the use of measurement parameters to the possible extent.
4- Applus+ will Carry out the Inspection at the Iraqi Border Ports and verify the validity of the Certificate of Conformity, the validity of the seals and the shipment, and issue the Release Document for the shipments that match the data recorded in the Certificate of Conformity.


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