Applus+ to oversee two renewable energy projects in Mexico


    Applus+ has signed a 60-month contract with the first mining company in Mexico to oversee operations and maintenance (O&M) activities for two solar parks, Tuli and Helios, with a total capacity of 300 MW, and the 30.4 MW San Matías wind farm. Tuli and Helios located in the state of Zacatecas and San Matías in Baja California.

    Applus+ is responsible, among other activities, for quality control and quality assurance reporting, monitoring compliance of O&M activities, overseeing the real-time analysis platform and ensuring compliance, especially in everything related to project quality and safety.

    Applus+ has also been charged with monitoring compliance of the power-production contracts as well as with notifying the client of any breaches of the O&M contract and carrying out an in-depth technical review of all reports issued by the O&M manager.