Applus+ has successfully executed advanced engineering analyses for an international energy company based in Latin America


    The scope of work comprised a root cause analysis (RCA) and review of third-party RCA for the client, a multinational oil and gas owner.

    Our client, an international energy company, reached out to Applus+ to conduct two separate scopes concerning root cause analysis and obtain a definitive response to the following questions: Why did asset failure occur? Which efficient and reliable measures can the client pursue to prevent asset failure in the future? 

    By applying fitness-for-service evaluation techniques such as finite element analysis, a method that assesses the integrity of equipment, Applus+ was able to provide our client with the clarity and confidence to establish improved guidelines concerning regulatory compliance, operational safety, and asset integrity.  

    Fit-for-service evaluations provide insight into the current condition of an asset, as well as its future operability. Oil and gas infrastructure requires constant maintenance and inspections as material failures and defects can cause permanent damage, unplanned shutdowns, and dangerous accidents. National and international regulatory agencies have established guidelines through their respective codes and standards to help companies execute effective maintenance procedures.

    While owner and operator companies do their part to help safeguard operations, accidents do occur. When they do, their effects can be detrimental. Our fitness-for-service evaluations can help determine the safety and integrity of equipment, aiding in preventing catastrophic failure and maintaining safe and reliable operations.
    For this project, Applus+ applied finite element analysis, one of the top computerized methods available to assist our engineers to produce accurate and reliable failure analyses. The method can assess mechanical behavior by applying a distinctive numerical approach, which better enables our experts to identify the root cause of material failures.
    The failure analysis also incorporated mechanical and metallurgical testing, in-depth employee interviews, and other similar tactics to obtain any relevant information to produce reliable conclusions. Through these measures, our team communicated to the client of effective procedures they can implement to circumvent any possible failures.
    Lastly, the scope also incorporated a review of failure analysis carried out by third parties, going as far back as 2016. Through an exhaustive investigation of historical data, we provided our client with the confidence to produce enhanced measures that will effectively safeguard their assets and reduce the risk of failure.
    Applus+ ultimately provided definitive and factual failure analyses through this scope, demonstrating our depth of knowledge, our independent objective approach, and professionalism. These elements are essential to our reputation and secure our current and future success as a worldwide leader in the TIC sector.
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